Our library

The library of Szent-Györgyi Albert Primary School was founded in 2011 with a support of  tender resources. That time it worked as a library chamber for two years. Our library has been working at its present place since 2005 on the first floor of the school. The basic area is 129 square metreswith the reading room, the information technoligical reading rooms and the gallery. The library is made run by two librarians in 22 opening hours a week.

Our library provides free library services for those people and their relatives who are in legal relation with the school. The enrollment passes by registration and issue of the lending card and at the same time the members have to take the responsibility of keeping the rules.

The local use, the loan and the library services for groups are assured in our library. Books and documents can be taken out only by loan.

At the moment the library has 768 registrated readers: 90 adults and 678 students.

Our library collection consists of books, magazines, periodicals, audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs and video documents. 92 per cent of the book stock are available on open shelves where the readers can find a wide range of Hungarian and foreign literary works (novels, poetry, tales), educational books (technical books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries). Up to the present 11 thousand volumes have been registrated by SIREN integrated library software. The textbook repository and the tutorial supplements are about 30 per cent of the full stock.

Our library:


  • place of resource-based lessons where students get acquainted with the self-learning method, the quick information search and use
  • place of library use lessons and cultural programmes
  • community space where children can spend their spare time usefully
  • place for learning

The library considers its main duty to provide free access to the worth of Hungarian and universal culture, to getting information and knowledge for users. It gives those library services which need to education, learning, further studies, orientation in professional and public life, useful and pleasant free time activities. These services also try to contribute to the improvement of underprivileged children’s equal opportunity and  making students become regular readers.

Improving reading skills is one of our main task, and in order to carry it out we took part in Zounok II tender as a cooperative partner. We organize the reading competition called „Bibliophile’s club” every year, to which half of our students join. We also yearly arrange poetry and nice reading competitions so that we popularize the reading culture.

In the interest of achieving our aims:

  • we continuously and systematically increase the library book stock
  • we provide library loan and inter-library services
  • based on modern electronic tools and sources we improve our information services and broaden the library services
  • we facilitate the access to the documents and information for anyone from anywhere via internet

Providing documents:


  • for lessons
    • dictionaries, workbooks, collection of tasks, visual aids
    • preparing for lessons:
      • sources (methodology, educational works, technical books, CDs, DVDs, Internet use)
      • sources, exercises needful to differentation and care of talents
  • for learning
    • lending of compulsory and recommended readings
    • sources and help to compulsory and voluntary tasks
    • lending of school books for a year usage
    • help and possibility for preparing for project works and educational competitions

Electronic services:


  • On our multilingual, interactive library portal:
    • library news, actualities
    • cultural and public service contents
    • library use skills
    • reading promotion programmes
    • information of local history and locality
    • photo gallery
    • other Web 2.0 services
  • SIREN library database
    • electronic database available in 24 hours
    • online lending-renewal,  loanable books reservation

We have 18 modern computers for the children and the teachers in the IT reading rooms where we also have possibility to teach library IT skills. They use the multimedia computers with pleasure purchased with a tender support. These workstations all have access to the internet so as to help the users with self-learning and getting information via internet.

We have continuously been developing the school photo gallery since 2005 which is available from our website.

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