‘Fairy bag’ tale competition

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On 16 ctober 2013 in the tale competition four-member teams competed with each other in knowledge of tales, treatment and colving playful, entertaining tasks connected to reading. The result of the competition of pupils in classes 2-4 is:Olvasás tovább


‘Tale nook’ activities


We are going to hold 3 activities for pupils of junior section. On these occasions parents-children, pupils of junior and senior sections and pupils of junior section read to each other, and recommend their favourite, nice tales.Olvasás tovább


“Once upon a time…”- storytelling content

Mesemondó verseny meghívó

The aim of our competition: discovery of our folktale treasure, display and mediation of its latent value in nice, eloquent Hungarian language by clean speech and individualized good choice of tale. Olvasás tovább


‘Mese, mese, meskete’ campaign for 1-4 class pupils


The open of ‘Mese, mese, meskete’ programme series was held on 14 October, where we commemorated Benedek Elek fabulist and we pleased the pupils of junior section and the teachers with a nice programme. The campaign lasts until December providing other great programmes.Olvasás tovább


Bookwarm talent workshop – series of activities for 5-8 class students


The Bookwarm talent workshop started in October. 14 students in class 6 are taking part in the work of this group. On each occasion we are dealing with an interesting topic.The self-knowledge and the mother tongue games which make our activities more colourful are very popular. Students are searching on the Net, making illustrations, folding paper animal figures very enthusiastically. The lessons are taking place in good mood with lots of laughs – reported Forján Krisztina, leader of the activities. Olvasás tovább


‘Healing tales’ – inretactive activity for adults


On 23 September 2013 the audience created their own tale and analysed it with the lecturer in the workshop where the atmosphere was great. The tale heroes represented the different personality traits and forms of behaviour. At the end some of the audience recognised him- and herself in the hero!Olvasás tovább


‘Healing tales’ – lecture for adults


The lecture illustrates the concrete connection between the tales and the reality by examples,showing some possibilities of usage on lessons, the influence of fabulous characters in personality diagnosis. Can tales change the individual’s and society’s mental health, destiny, happiness? Olvasás tovább


‘Healing tales’-lecture for adults

This time we invite our adult library users, teachers and grandparents to the ‘Healing tales’ lecture and afterwards to the interactive activity to our school at 2 p.m on 3rd September.Olvasás tovább


‘Once upon a time…’- storytelling content

Mesemondó verseny meghívó

(Magyar) A versenyünk célja: népmesekincsünk felfedezése, rejtett értékeinek bemutatása, őrzése és közvetítése szép, ékes magyar nyelven, tiszta beszéddel, egyénre szabott jó meseválasztással. Ezen a versenyen iskolánk 1-4. osztályosai vesznek részt. A versenyzők felkészültségét zsűri értékeli.Olvasás tovább


‘Read, draw, write a storybook!’


Tales can’t only be read but they can be told, too. If we ask children, and we let them find out their own stories, they will share them with us because children are full of ideas. This is the aim we ask our pupils of junior section to take up their pen, let their soaring thoughts release, and put their tales into the public domain. We would like to issue children’s tales digitally before christmas.Olvasás tovább

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